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Thalamic Founder and CEO Dr. Sarah Caddick has advised both individual philanthropists and leading philanthropic organisations for more than two decades on strategic approaches to investing in research, corporate grant strategy, and the development of large scale projects. Her commitment to scientific advancement has led her to play a seminal role in the development of several academic centres and institutes across a broad range of scientific disciplines in both the US and UK.


Throughout her career, Sarah has dedicated considerable time and effort to creating opportunities for the extraordinary scientists with whom she has developed relationships to share their insights with each other and with philanthropists and individuals across a broad range of interests. These workshops, panel-style events and dynamic, curated salons bring together leading minds across disciplines to explore the interface between divergent areas of science, and to explore the multifaceted role science plays in society. The outstanding response to these events, and Sarah’s passion to continue to foster this exchange of ideas is a driving force behind Thalamic.  


Sarah earned her PhD in neuroscience at the University of Southampton, and held research positions at Duke University and the Medical College of Virginia. Her interest in the role of philanthropy in scientific enterprise was sparked when she was awarded a prestigious fellowship from a private foundation.


Sarah has volunteered her time with a number of organisations and currently serves on the boards of the Science Museum (London), the Science Gallery, Kings College and Autistica. She is a former guest curator and presenter for TEDGlobal and the Skoll World Forum.

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